Political Ignorance is Bliss

I know little to nothing when it comes to politics. I'm going to be honest here, I do not vote. Technically that forfeits my right to have an opinion on anything but I'm fairly confident my vote wouldn't make a difference anyway. I'm convinced more people buy, cheat and slither their way into office than earn it.

We are forced to take witness to political campaigns  that  are the equivalent of listening to a couple of six year old kids tease each other. If they put half the money and effort they spend using the media as a platform to call each other poopy heads,  into actually proposing genuine measures that would improve upon our government.....maybe we'd get somewhere. Instead, we get phone recordings of them taking bribes. We get these over privileged jackasses touting about not taking a salary (I mean, when you already make millions, if not billions of dollars, refusing your six figure paycheck doesn't really impress me). Or we have to hear about how kids need to eat food in order to succeed in life.  Hold on, you mean people need to eat in order to do stuff like stay alive and read books? That's ground breaking shit right there. Elect that man! Of course there's my personal favorite, "I'm the only candidate with children in public schools." Hmmmmm. Well let's see, when you live in a wealthy neighborhood chalk full of million dollar houses, the taxes on which would probably pay for my house three times over; I would venture to say that the school system is probably pretty decent. How about you send your kids to school in  an inner city neighborhood where people get shot taking their garbage out? Let's see how long your offspring would last in a class with thirty plus students. Let's say more than half of said students probably need special education services, provided by tired, overworked and underpaid teachers. Now let's go ahead and say these teachers are overseen by people who-you guessed  it! Why, they're as slimy and the sleazy as the mother fuckers running for office. I bet you Junior won't be riding that school bus anytime soon.

Maybe someday these politicians will drop the name calling, apple-pie-baking  Robin Hood acts and actually give us something worth voting for. Until then, I'll be flicking off their faces on the TV during one of their  50,000 commercials that will inevitably air during the evening news.

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