Is it just me or do you find the more time spent on electronic devices correlates with an increase in nausea, headaches, irritability and general malaise?
I've dubbed this phenomena, Acute Electronic Toxemia. When I'm doing something on my phone and get interrupted 50,000 times by daily life demands I feel my blood pressure increasing. I know neck and eye strain are legit causes of headaches and possibly even nausea....and yet why is so hard to just disconnect?

What if all this inter-connectivity is poisoning us all? It's poisoning the why we interact with the world and with each other. It's poisoning the way we communicate. It's making us testy and frazzled.
I've seen this phenomena while observing others. Members if my own family, young and old(ish) have exhibited decreased interest in everything but the glowing object in front of their faces. Even now as I am writing this, I have the compulsive urge to whip this smartphone across the room. It's pervasive.

Electronic detox. I could do this. I do not make a living using electronics, I mean not really. There is no reason I can't take a break but it's like trying to diet when everyone around you is eating cake.
I don't even give a shit about Facebook anymore. Never tweeted in my life. I don't have an Instagram and I definitely don't snap anything. I'm probably not even using the correct terminology.
This blog itself is for me and me alone because apparently no one is reading it or aware of it's existence. I'm pouring my current emotional state out onto the screen and it's getting reflected right back into my face.

Something has to change.

Maybe all those new age weirdos are onto something when they say we are all influenced by the vibrational fields around us. Constant exposure to whatever radiates from the TV, computer and phone is not agreeing with me. It probably isn't agreeing with anyone else either. I feel closed in and sick. No other word seems appropriate. I feel Techno-sick.

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