Let's Get Real

What color are the lenses through which you see the world?
Are they rose colored and brimming with gold trimmed, positivity pumping optimism? Do you feel like all your problems can be solved and it starts with a smile?

First, I have to ask, what planet are you from? What's it like there? Your lifeforms fascinate me. You look like real people. You work, have kids, get stuck in traffic just like real people but you seem to be born with this impenetrable, eternally optimistic body armor. Nothing gets you down.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to dissect the essence of your philosophy. I really do want to dice it into little pieces and examine every single one. Obviously you must be made of sugary, sweet goodness. Let's see that unicorn blood flowing through your veins, shall we?

I know what you're thinking. "Okay little Ms. Frumpy Fuss. Who pissed on your parade?"
Truth is, no one urinated on my festivities. I do not have the grim, ever-negative outlook that one would assume me to have. Life isn't always bad, except when it is.

On the other side of the room, wearing all black and looking disinterested are those of you who see everything for what it isn't. It isn't good. It isn't acceptable. It isn't right. Life isn't about how much greatness you can shove into every minute of it. You can never make enough money or have enough time. Most people aren't truthful. Most endings aren't happy.

Sometimes I'm right there with you beautiful, Gothic storm clouds just raining on shit. Other times I find myself standing in the middle of room, getting away from the charged chatter shifting from one pole to the next. Sometimes taking a step away allows the reality of the situation to dictate what happens or doesn't happen next.

What's funny to me is when older people decide to take off their lenses and remove their filters. It must be similar to taking your bra off at the end of the day. Let it all hang out.

I'll never forget when my Grandma, who lived in a less than stellar neighborhood, pointedly told me straight out who was worth a damn, who was a low down drunk and who was a hooker looking for a man with ten dollars. It was refreshing. And hilarious. God rest her soul.

Reality bites and it can also be a relief, like waking up from a bad dream. Good and bad. So the glass doesn't have to be defined by whether it is half empty or half full. Let's shift the focus onto what is in the glass...is it alcoholic by chance? Because it... has... been.... a day.

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